Official date and time

​Article 26.1 of Law 11/2007, dated 22 June (BOE-A-2007-12352), on citizens' digital access to public services states that, in order to calculate the attributable time period for both interested parties and the Public Administrations, the official date and time of the digital office will be used, which must include any security measures required to guarantee its integrity and must be visible.

Also, article 6.2 j) of Royal Decree 1671/2009, dated 6 November (BOE-A-2009-18358), partially governing the development of said law, states that digital offices must indicate the date and time for the purposes set out in article 26.1 of Law 11/2007 (BOE-A-2007-12352).

In compliance with both regulations, the official date and time of the Ministry of Economy and Business's digital office is given.

You will need to refresh the page when you want to be sure of them at any given moment.

You can also check the official time and date at the Royal Naval Institute and Observatory (ROA).