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Digital Certificate

Certificate Information

Below is information on how to validate electronic certificates, technical requirements necessary to perform procedures in this Electronic Office and signature systems and admitted certificates. In this section based certificates are also published and stamp used by this Electronic Office.

Technical requirements

When you first access the Electronic Office may appear a security message indicating that the site is not trusted.

This is usually because the Electronic Office uses the digital certificate of the Certification Authority of the Spanish Public Administration or Public Administration Camerfirma. These authorities in some browsers have not installed root certificates needed. To correct this problem you must:

To access the services offered through the Electronic Office of the Ministry must have the following settings:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later - Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (*) or later - Google Chrome 14.0 or later
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 file viewer or later
  • For the Service with Digital Certification only, it will be necessary to have installed: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6, although having the latest version installed is recommended.

(*) How to import a certificate from Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to "Tools", "Options", "Advanced" and select the "Encryption" tab. Make sure the "Ask me every time" option is also checked.
  • Click on "View Certificates" and then the "Import" button. The icon of a valid copy will be an open envelope with a green certificate and a key sticking and ".PFX" or ".P12" extension yellow. Select it from the location where it is stored and click the "Open" button in the "File Name to Restore" window.
  • It is possible that the browser will ask you to enter the master password. Note that if you choose to establish and in the future not remember it, this could cause it decertification. If no message on the master password does not appear, go ahead.
  • If you set a backup password to create the backup, it will show a new window in which you are prompted to enter it. If introduced no, leave the box blank and click "OK".
  • If everything is correct, the message "You have successfully restored ..." appears.
Electronic signature systems accepted

The means of authentication for members of the public in order to interact with the administration when secure identification is required are those included in article 13.2 of the Electronic Access by Citizens to Public Services Act 11/2007, dated 22 June (BOE-A-2007-12352):

  • Electronic signature systems incorporated in the National Identity Card, for individuals.
  • Advanced electronic signature systems, including those based on recognised electronic certification, accepted by the Public Administrations.
  • Other electronic signature systems, such as the use of keys previously agreed at user registration, the provision of information known by both parties and other non-cryptographic systems under the terms and conditions determined in each case.

To obtain more information about the electronic signature, how it can be obtained, who can provide it and how and when it must be used, access the information made available by the Spanish National Mint (FNMT) via CERES (Spanish Certification).

Meanwhile, in article 20, concerning the electronic signatures of members of the public, Royal Decree 1671/2009, dated 6 November (BOE-A-2009-18358), partially developing the Electronic Access by Citizens to Public Services Act 11/2007 dated 22 June (BOE-A-2007-12352), distinguishes between individuals, organisations with legal identity and organisations without legal identity. In the case of the latter two, it establishes that organisations with and without legal identity may use the electronic signature systems of organisations with or without legal identity for all procedures and actions of the General State Administration for which they are accepted.

CERES (Spanish Certification) CERES (Spanish Certification)

Electronic certificates admitted

The website of the Ministry supports electronic certificates recognized byfirma. To use the services and applications of this venue certificate of FNMT Class 2 must be installed CA.

FNMT Certificate  Royal Mint certificate information and download service

@firma Electronic signature validation platform

VALIDe Electronic signature proof and validation service

Certificates seal and electronic office

For the identification and authentication of the exercise of jurisdiction in automated administrative action, governments may use electronic stamps based on certificates that meet the requirements of the legislation on electronic signatures.

A certificate binds a stamp Electronic Signature Verification Data to identification and authentication data determined Administration, body or entity and the individual representative of the Administration, Certificate holder body or entity and, where appropriate, the staff at who is delegated to the purposes of automated administrative action.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance will use for the relationship with the citizen certificates seal and electronic office referred to in Article 27.4 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June and published below (BOE-A-2007-12352).

Resolution April 19, 2013,

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